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Excessive Randomness

Blabbings About the Asian Fandom

13 May


things i am:
highschool junior・perfectionist・asian・taiwanese・american・nerd・worry wart・little sister・arashi fangirl・obsessive fangirl・couch potato・manga freak・anime freak・drama freak・artist・pianist・violinist・tennis player・lazybutt

in my blog:
fangirling・arashi fangirling・johnny's fangirling・super junior fangirling・anything fangirling・ranting・raving・drama stuff・summaries・thoughts・drawings・occasional graphics・random whatever

Hey, I'm Jen. I usually talk about Asian stuff. A lot. Dramas, music, prettyidolpeoples. :3 But school rules my life atm, so I complain a lot too.

My journal is semi-friends only... kinda. I think my personal posts are greatly outweighing anything open now, so I'll figure out some intro post later. :D

If you wanna be friended, just, you know, talk to me. :] I enjoy having open discussions with people so don't be afraid to comment... although it's kinda my fault that I don't really have any open posts for anyone. Sorry bout that. Hopefully that'll be fixed soon. Erm. Random messages are fine, too. 8D;;

And if you happen to have wasted time to read this, *gives you some homemade chocolate eclairs*. :3

arashi・sakurai sho・ninomiya kazunari・cho kyuhyun・yamashita shoon・horikita maki・lee taemin・jung heechul

variety shows:
arashi no shukudai-kun・himitsu no arashi-chan・shokura・hyakushiki・ya-ya-yah・u-kiss vampire・star king・arashi ni shiyagare

asian dramas:
summer's desire

dot hack・.hack//G.U.+・nosatsu junkie・beauty pop・gakuen alice・yoru nimo makezu!・skip beat!・yamato nadeshiko shichi henge・kimi ni todoke

lucifer - shinee
to be free - arashi
love coach - ze:a
i'm back (feat. f(x) amber) - danson tang
opposite me - jing chang
love is curry - yen-j

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arashi and sho shop photos from aimai3
textures by sanami276
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Updated August 6, 2010